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We value the relationships with our podiatry partners, and offer participating medical offices several ways to work with us:

Dispensing Partnership

Ideal for a successful, busy practice(s) that either current participates in other dispensing programs, or has an interest in beginning to participate in dispensing programs.

How our program works:

  • Initial minimum order is 36 pairs
  • Free shipping of your initial order, and free shoe display rack with merchandizing sign - holds all 36 pairs of shoes
  • Dispensing Partner pays wholesale cost for each pair, and sells at suggested retail price of $60.
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Referral Partnership

Ideal for all podiatry offices, and a great backup program for Dispensing Partners. Also good for podiatry clinics lacking space for shoe display rack, but have an interest in suggesting OffLoad footwear. There is NO cost for a podiatry office to participate in the Referral Partnership program.

How our program works:

  • Referral Partner assigned a unique “Referral Coupon Code”
  • Using our Levelast Referral Pad (provided to you at no charge), you recommend an OffLoad shoe and indicate your Referral Coupon Code
  • On, your patient enters YOUR Referral Coupon Code to receive free shipping, which saves your patient about $10 per pair
  • For each pair of shoes ordered using your Referral Coupon Code, you receive a referral acknowledgement